Graduate-student and postdoctoral positions are available.

The lab invites candidate Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers to join the Department of Physics, Georgetown University. The research will focus on the modeling and simulation of quantum materials for next-generation electronic or spintronic devices. In particular, the research will explore the fundamental principles of computational quantum geometry, the transport of electrons and spins, and the application of artificial intelligence in physics studies. See Research for more details. 


Prospective Ph.D. students are expected to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Physics or other related interdisciplinary programs. Postdoctoral researchers of any related field are welcome.

Some favorable skills are:

  • Seasoned experience with one programming language such as C, C++, Python or MATLAB.
  • Interest in parallel computation methods using clusters and/or GPUs.
  • Enjoy the art of coding and math derivation. Experience with Mathematica is a plus.
  • Adaptable and fast learners for new programming languages and simulation tools. 
  • Good communication skills including speaking and writing. 
  • Familiar with Linux.
To apply:

Interested candidates should email a brief self-introduction and an attached CV.